{Run: Cute in the Cold}

Winter in New York. You’re never really sure what the weather will be one day to the next and how it will affect your run, and even your willingness to run outdoors, but, you can almost guarantee it will be COLD! After my daughter was born I┬átreated myself to a bunch of new cold weather running gear which helps motivate on those especially cold days since, hey, I’ll say it, running is more fun when you like your outfit. Here are some of my picks for this winter and how I felt they held up to their job.

TrailheadsAbove all else, cover your head in the cold, right? Well, who can do that effectively when your ponytail is in the way? Look no further. This Trailheads ponytail hat allows for full head coverage and a brilliant, strategically placed, ponytail hole. I love it. My only gripe is that the material (fleece) gets really sweaty, very quickly and kind of just sticks to your head.

Tom TomThis has nothing to do with the winter, but, it is my new favorite toy, so, I felt inclined to share with you! Behold the Tom Tom Spark + Music. You no longer have to hold your phone or strap it to your arm when you work out because this fitness tracker also holds up to 500 songs that you can listen to seamlessly through your Bluetooth compatible headphones. In addition to tracking distance, pace, etc. while running, it will also track cycling, swimming treadmill runs, weight lifting, and freestyle workouts.

Saucony Triumph ISO Life on the RunHello, my pretties! I normally run in Saucony Triumph ISO’s, but, when Saucony released it’s Life on the Run limited edition collection to compete with the rest of the “athleisure” market I just had to have these. I’ll be taking these out for their first spin later today, and I might never take them off.