Week 3 Wrap Up: Diastasis Recti Rehab

Today marks the completion of 3 weeks of Diastasis Recti Rehab following the Tupler Technique. I met with Dawn yesterday for my 3 week check-in so we could discuss the past 3 weeks, take measurements, progress photos, and talk about the new exercises I will pursue for weeks 4 – 18.

Wow, so, I was totally not expecting this, but I have some noticeable results to share. Before I started the program my measurements were as follows:

Body Circumference under chest: 29 inches, at waist: 30 inches, at belly button: 32 inches

Here’s where I’m netting out after 3 weeks of religiously following this program:

Body Circumference under chest: 29 inches, at waist: 29 inches, at belly button 29.25 inches!

Additionally, and most importantly, Dawn checked the strength of my Linea Alba (connective tissue that runs down the center of your abdomen that holds your muscles together) and she said there was a palpable difference in its strength and elasticity.

While the exercises increased in difficulty during the past 3 weeks, I actually found the most challenging part to be consciously holding my transverse abdominals inwards throughout my daily activities. You literally have to train your mind to think about holding in your abdominals before do anything – even coughing, which is really hard to do.

I’m interested to see how the next couple of weeks go. We add to the exercises tomorrow (week 4) by adding some head lifts while lying on the floor. This is where things start to become a little less convenient. I’ve been able to do weeks 1-3 while driving in my car on the way to work, and at my desk without a soul knowing. I probably can’t get down on the floor at work to do head lifts, so, I need to think about a strategy here!

I’m still so curious to see if these measurements/progress/etc. still hold true after the program is over. I’ve read some blogs by other people who have tried this who say their abs/stomach kind of morphs back into what it was a few days after no longer wearing the splint. I’m still also wondering what the long-term situation will be. It sounds like a lot of modification down the road as one instance of, for example, playing tennis and twisting you body too much could possibly cause the separation to happen again??

Here are some images of the end of week 3! I really, really wish I never got my belly button pierced (my mom is definitely shaking her head somewhere).

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