Post-Pregnancy Project: Diastasis Recti Rehab Day 7 Results

Yesterday marked the end of week 1 of my Diastasis Recti Rehab using the Tupler Technique. While I didn’t expect the results of week 1 to be dramatic, I do have a few items worth mentioning. I’ve also included images of Day 1 of rehab and Day 7 – it might be wishful thinking but I think I do feel and see a difference! Here’s what I found out:

  • THE REAL CORE: Wow, I had no idea how weak my core was! Here I am thinking I have a pretty strong core because I can do planks and complete all of the bootcamp abdominal exercises, etc. etc. When push comes to shove, it was all for show! The exercises I had to complete in week 1 were pretty challenging for me, especially the 100’s. I’ve never thought about the innermost core of your body, what people actually mean when they say “your core” and how challenging it is to exercise those muscles. While the exercises are still tough, especially as you kick it up a notch in week 2, I can definitely feel myself getting stronger.
  • THE SPLINT AND I ARE LIKE PEAS AND CARROTS: I’ve gotten used to wearing the splint. I don’t feel like a pig in a blanket as much anymore. In fact I kind of like wearing it because it serves as a constant reminder to engage my transverse abdominals throughout the day. It’s also kind of like my own pair of rehab Spanx keeping everything smooth and tight under my clothes – it’s the little things. I was even able to go running with it on – although the Tupler Technique recommends you do not engage in any exercise during the first 6 weeks of the program, I think I would lose my sanity, and my family would kick me out of the tribe for being a major B—- if I did not exercise for 6 weeks. It may set me back a bit (hopefully not) but you have to do what works for your life. I went slow enough that I wasn’t completely breathless and could keep my transverse engaged throughout.
  • CABBAGE PATCH KID OUTIE, BE GONE: While I still am a member of the “outie” belly button family, I do think it has receded a bit! Looking forward to the prospect of not seeing my belly button anymore in the coming weeks.

Here are some images of my journey so far. Side note, Mom, if you’re reading this, I wish I had never gotten my belly button pierced. You were right.

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