Post-Natal Fitness: Not Just Baby Weight

The end of day one. This post is coming to you as I sit in my new “sitting position”, splint stretched tightly around my midsection (my new uniform for the next 6 weeks that only comes off to shower), with a pillow behind my back while focusing on belly breathing instead of what ever kind of breathing I was doing before – albeit the incorrect kind. I met with Dawn today and she showed me the correct way to wear the splint and we practiced a few rounds of the exercises that I will do 3 times a day, every day, for the next 6 months (or more depending on the healing process).

I’m not going to lie. I can see why some women would throw in the towel on this process after a few days or weeks. It’s not easy. Today I’ve found the hardest part to be altering how I pick up my daughter, put down my daughter, open the oven, close the oven, get in the car, sit on the couch, basically how to go through the day while not bending at the waist and remembering to pull in my core before doing any of these activities. Dawn assured me this will start to come naturally – I hope she’s right!

Dawn took my measurements and “before” pictures today. I am meeting with her again in two weeks to track my progress. I feel excited and hopeful after our meeting today. Dawn mentioned that the best case scenario is that I emerge as my pre-pregnancy self, or maybe even better because I will be super focused on my core (really, deep down, inner core) which is something I’ve apparently never done before – and didn’t even know it! Did you know that planks, crunches, and traditional boot camp style core exercises don’t actually get all the way down into your transverse abdominals – which is your real core? Nope. I didn’t either! Those exercises work on the layer of muscles on top of it, and your obliques.

Here’s a video featuring Julie Tupler, founder of the Tupler Technique on how to correctly put the splint on. I will probably watch this a few times before I give it a go on my own tomorrow morning.


That’s me day 1 wearing the splint. Don’t mind my bulge and still present linea negra – pregnancy is a tough business and I’ve still got some healing to do!!

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